smart needle

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Keep your bobbins organized on top of color matching thread spools. Fits all brands of home sewing a..

19,95€ Excl. BTW: 16,49€

peels spool hugger

Keep your thread spool tails from unwinding with Peels! Made of quality rubber that adjusts to any s..

19,95€ Excl. BTW: 16,49€

pincusion ring flower

Stop looking for your pincushion while sewing. Wear this pincushion ring and keep your pins and need..

19,95€ Excl. BTW: 16,49€

seam ripper undo

High quality Japanese hardened steel blades with easy-to-remove caps to protect blade sharpness. Erg..

22,95€ Excl. BTW: 18,97€

tulips bobbin clamp

No more tangles with Tulips bobbin clamps. These functional rubber pieces will grip bobbins from alm..

19,95€ Excl. BTW: 16,49€